Compassion - a little goes a long way

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Educate the Children

Basic education should not be limited to only the privileged; it should be available to every child, anywhere in the world. With our recent successes achieved in Karachi, Pakistan, we are developing plans to open additional schools in Pakistan, Tanzania & Kenya.


Our first project in Karachi, Pakistan is located in the Yousuf Khan Goot, a very low income community in the outskirts of Karachi. This project established in 2010 has been a remarkable success. The community has embraced the project and the current demand far outstrips our capacity. The Karachi project currently serves over 60 children, between the ages of three to ten years old, providing them with education that would otherwise not available to them. Each child is taught both basic and religious education. Our vision has been a success by instilling a desire for knowledge in these children and giving them hope for a better future. We plan to replicate this successful model in other similar communities in Pakistan.


Religious Education:

Our goal is not to produce scholars but to instil in these children the moral values needed to be successful in life. Morality is taught based on Islamic principles. Each child is taught the basic tenants of Islam. The children are also taught to read the Quran with proper Tajweed. Each child is expected to memorize verses of the Quran to enable them to perform their prayers. Also taught are the teachings of the Prophet along with Islamic history.


General Education:

Our goal is to prepare the child for regular school. Pre-school education includes the subjects of English, Urdu and Math. The books used are those prescribed b the Board of Education in Sindh.