Compassion - a little goes a long way

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Adult vocational training

The Ommana Foundation, a nonprofit company which creates and provides opportunities that unleash the creative, intellectual and entrepreneurial potential of those without material means, is proud to announce a new program. Currently in progress are sewing and tailoring classes. These classes are offered four times a day, every Saturday through Thursday. The classes provide the basic tools of the art of sewing and tailoring. Our resources will allow for 40 women each quarter to become equipped with the skills needed to open private sewing businesses from their homes or collaborating with the Foundation to secure work. The ultimate goal of the class will be to empower the women to become entrepreneurs, allowing those who were once recipients to become contributors in the local economy.

The tailoring program equips women with work skills that redirect their paths, enabling them to open small businesses and bring hope and income to their families. The Ommana Foundation works alongside a group of volunteers focused on building social enterprises and helping move individuals from being recipients to contributors.

The Foundation believes in helping people help themselves, regardless of gender, race, color, religion, language or nationality. We seek support from others who share our passion to empower change. Please click on volunteering or donating, if you would like to help.