Compassion - a little goes a long way

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Board of Governors

Naser Ahmad:Over 25 years of experience in envisioning, creating and running successful business enterprises in the USA and internationally along with a passion for social justice and service inspired Mr. Ahmed to establish Ommana Foundation.

Mr. Ahmad, who holds both Bachelor of Commerce degree and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science, worked in technical leadership positions in large corporations including: Caterpillar International Dealerships, Sante Fe International and Taylor Management Systems. His entrepreneurial drive and vision spanned multiple fields and led him to the (co)founding of technology based corporations (SysTech International, Inc and eTechLogix).

He also served as the Co-Chairman & CTO of Improvenet Inc, a publically traded company providing web-based proprietary software application that matched contractors to homeowner remodeling projects. He is the CEO & Designate Broker for NOMA Group Inc, a Real Estate services company. He is also under contract as the CTO of Youchange Holdings Corp, a publically traded company and serves as a director of several privately held U.S. and foreign corporations.


Mr. Ahmad brings the wealth of technical and leadership skills he honed in the technology and business world to community work and service projects. He was founding member and president of several Islamic community centers in Texas and Arizona. As a leader in these organizations, he has helped bring together people of diverse backgrounds to a common cause and successfully coordinated the establishment of a private-donor funded multi-million dollar center. As an international businessman, leader in a multi-ethnic/racial communities and active participant in various inter-faith dialogues, he is committed to bridging gaps and facilitating understanding and harmony between peoples of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds.


Najmuddin Ahmad :has an M.Ed and BIS with a focus in Business. He is the head of 3 different companies that have a wide variety of focuses such as Property Management, Construction, and Basketball training. In addition to running 3 successful companies he has consulted on many business projects, and is also a motivational and keynote speaker for various conferences and graduations throughout the world.

Najm has been involved in and organized countless service based projects for the past 13 years, having spearheaded events that raised money in multiple areas. His efforts have made a difference in many ways such as providing scholarships for kids in need, and raising over $500,000 through working with the Red Cross in Nigeria, resulting in funding the primary education of over 7000 kids.

He helped organize and plan the Michael Boley Step Show for Autism, raising over $2 million for autism.



Najm has also organized basketball camps in conjunction with orphanages and in poverty-stricken areas in Africa, South America, Eastern Asia, Canada, Caribbean Islands, and the United States. He played a pivotal role in finding basketball scholarships for many kids both locally and internationally. Najm has been a hands-on mentor for over 20 students at Arizona State University over the last 5 years. He played a role in the creation of 2 homeless shelters in Atlanta and Washington DC. He has worked with community centers in Phoenix, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, and Tampa teaching personal finance to parents of low-income families. He also brought his experience to the classroom, and has taught History, Economics and Citizenship at an alternative school in Atlanta. He has been a big brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and has helped organize events with the March of Dimes. Najm has coached and played basketball all over the world using it as a vehicle to teach life skills to kids.

Najm Ahmad has worked with people from all walks of life and comes from a multi-disciplinary background with a desire to help the youth of today become the future leaders of tomorrow. He believes it is our mission as people to help teach and implement balance in all aspects of life in order to break a negative inherited cycle of poverty. His diverse experiences and ability to think outside the box have been great assets in his mission to change the world one event or person at a time, and will be great in serving the mission of Ommana Foundation.

Mesbah Ahmad :received his B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and finance from the University of Southern California. Looking to translate the theory he learned there into tangible skills, he joined DaVita, a Fortune 500 healthcare provider, as a business analyst in the inaugural class of the Redwoods Leadership Development Program. While there, he helped further not only the company’s financial goals, but also its social goal of improving patient care.

After two years at DaVita, Mesbah realized a passion for using business practices to help people, particularly in developing countries. As such, he moved to coastal Kenya to work for KOMAZA, a start-up social enterprise that partners with farmers to increase their income by planting tree farms and then bringing those products to market and sharing the profits. During his 10 months in rural Kenya, Mesbah worked on general operational improvements and managed the organization’s first tree harvest and sales process.


Beyond piloting the operational logistics for such activities for the future, Mesbah returned a meaningful amount of income to farmers.

Outside of the professional arena, Mesbah has been active in various organizations meant to benefit others. For instance, as a Fellow with UCLA Anderson’s Riordan Programs, he helped raise money for scholarships for underprivileged high school students and mentored undergraduates interested in healthcare careers

Mesbah is now pursuing his MBA at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with an intended emphasis on social entrepreneurship and general management. His passion for leveraging business practices to create sustainable change will help Ommana Foundation achieve its objectives and make a positive impact in the world.

Adeela Kamal :Over 13 years experience in drug discovery in the biopharmaceutical industry with tireless commitment to deliver life-changing medicines that will improve patient health..

Dr. Kamal, who holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology and received her undergraduate degree from MIT, has demonstrated scientific excellence and leadership throughout her career. She performed her post-doctoral research in Alzheimer’s disease at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute where she was awarded a fellowship and had first-author publications in prestigious journals like Nature and Neuron. In her first job at the biotechnology company Conforma Therapeutics, she played a pivotal role in bringing two anti-cancer drugs from concept to the clinic in five years, leading to a $250M acquisition by Biogen Idec. Dr. Kamal served as Senior Manager, Discovery Oncology at Biogen Idec, overseeing preclinical cancer programs. She is presently Associate Director, Oncology R&D at MedImmune, the worldwide biologics unit of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, where she plays a key leadership role in managing preclinical cancer programs from discovery into the clinic. She has strong analytical, problem solving and management skills with a successful track record of initiating and managing drug discovery projects.


She has published over 30+ scientific articles in peer-reviewed leading journals, holds several published patents and has been an invited speaker at many international conferences.

Dr. Kamal’s commitment to help improve the lives of patients is coupled with her desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in the community. Besides volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association and being an active member of the American Association of Cancer Research, she volunteers to interview high school seniors that apply for admission to MIT, judges K-12 school Science Fairs and actively participates in Islamic organizations in her community. She has traveled extensively and is keenly aware of different cultures and faiths. Her ability to lead diverse multi-functional and muti-site teams enables her to inspire novel vision and influence strategic execution for the community projects she works on.

Muna Ali :is physical therapist, anthropologist and a community organizer. As a board member of Ommana, Muna brings nearly 20year experience of working in healthcare as a physical therapist in acute rehabilitation and outpatient services with patients of diverse medical conditions as well ethno-racial and class backgrounds. She has also been a healthcare educator serving as a clinical instructor to physical therapy interns, presentater to doctors and allied health professionals and educator of patient support groups as well as community groups.

Muna is also a Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on issues of identity, gender, inter and intra-group relations, religion in the public sphere, and culture & health. She has published and presented many conference papers on her research.

Muna believes in engaged scholarship that makes research and knowledge relevant and transforming to the individual and society. To this end, she has remained grounded in social service, civic engagement and community organizing.


She has presented numerous lectures to colleges, corporations and governmental agencies as well as civic and religious institutions on diversity and on Islam and Muslims in America. She has worked for years as volunteer with refugees' resettlement efforts, youth and women groups and interfaith groups. Her passion for youth and women issues and social justices matters guides both her research as well as her educational and social service efforts.

She has over 15years of experience in non-profit organization management and advisement. She (co)founded and served on the board of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona and Arizona Muslim Historical Society. She has also served on the board of an Islamic center, a community association which helped refugees and a food bank.

Syed Ahmed :has over 30 years of experience in the engineering, design, project management of major refinery units and chemical plants. He has successfully started and ran several small businesses. He served as a director of Fantastic Sams Los Angeles area ADI. He is involved in helping others and volunteering time for the good of the society.

Mr. Ahmed holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering and a postgraduate diploma in business management from UCLA. He worked for CF Braun and Brown & Root for over 25 years. He provided leadership in the engineering, design, project management of Refinery units and Chemical plants for clients like Shell, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, Aramco and Dow chemical. He is a registered professional engineer and holds a real estate broker’s license in California.


Mr. Ahmed brings an extensive technical, environmental, business knowledge and leadership skills that is an asset in the development of community and service projects. He is interested in bridging the gap between different faiths, cultures and economic conditions.

Lubayna Fawcett :At a personal level, Lubayna aspires to and upholds a global perspective on human rights and dignity. She holds a B.S. in physical therapist, an advanced master degree in education, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Global Health. During the three decades of work as a healthcare provider and an instructor, Lubayna’s clinical and research interest has focused in neurological diseases and women’s health. She participated in establishing and running of a Women’s pelvic floor disorders program, a sub-specialty in the department of urogynecology. In the area of education and research activities, she participates in conference presentations and community out-reach health education programs. Lubayna has extensive experience in teaching at several colleges. Currently she is working on cultural humility course for medical students.

Lubayna is currently a doctoral candidate at Arizona State University. Her PhD dissertation is focused on culture and health outcomes. Specifically, she is examining childbirth outcomes among disadvantaged women.


Lubayna has extensive volunteering experience in health programs both locally and internationally. As a program director for an international volunteer organization, she has initiated and established a clinical/teaching program in Zanzibar, Tanzania. She has conducted several community-health teaching programs as well as profession presentations overseas and locally. In addition, Lubayna has severed as board member at several organizations, including Multiple Sclerosis Association in Arizona, Scottsdale Islamic community Center and Maricopa Refugee Women’s Health Clinic.

Arifa Ahmad: has been involved in various community service activities for over 20 years. She has been an active founding member of Islamic community centers in Texas and Arizona, and has held various roles on the boards of these centers. In these various capacities, she has led various initiatives to facilitate the re-settlement of refugees, organized various fundraising drives, spearheaded programming catered to women in the local community, and worked to promote interfaith dialogues to promote understanding and appreciation of different faiths and cultures. She has also taken an active role in instilling a sense of morality and direction in the next generation as a teacher in a local Sunday school.

Mrs. Ahmad holds a B.Sc Degree from DJ Science College in Karachi and a diploma in computer programming. She currently serves on the board of various businesses and community service organizations both locally and internationally.


Mrs. Ahmad brings extensive experience working with people with the goal of improving their lives. She has travelled extensively and has gained an understanding of the needs of people in both developing countries as well as in the United States. She works tirelessly to translate her passion for helping others into tangible results and impact. Her goal is to make a difference in the lives of individuals and to bring harmony amongst peoples of different faiths and cultures.