Compassion - a little goes a long way

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Our Mission

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help create and support projects and services grounded in the local populations' needs and aspirations for better education, health, and life through partnership with volunteers and donors mobilized for collective action.


Our Vision:

Create and provide opportunities that unleash the creative intellectual and entrepreneurial potential of those without material means.


To accomplish this goal, we aspire to:

  • Inspire and energize people to make a difference through engaged action at home and abroad.
  • Provide opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their compassion by contributing their time, material resources or skills in service to the local and global communities.
  • Serve people with no regard to gender, race, color, religion, language or nationality .
  • Build partnerships around common vision and agenda.
  • Be a leader in maximizing the impact of each donated dollar and volunteered hour.
  • Build social enterprises and help move individuals from being recipients to contributors.
  • Provide hope for a brighter future for those facing hard times and a sense of purpose and satisfaction to volunteers and donors.



Our values are to:

  •  Demonstrate trust, integrity, transparency, inclusivity and respect.
  • Provide leadership in social change.
  • Respect local customs, draw on community views and needs, promote community involvement and creative solutions to overcome all real or potential obstacles.
  • Endorse innovation, partnerships and collective action.
  • Promote committed volunteerism and leadership.
  • Embrace diversity, strive for excellence.